Even without credit history you can use it from the airport immediately after landing

Mobile phone for expatriates in Japanese Companies

In Japan it is easy to own a mobile phone. However, in the United States, if you do not have an address and a credit history, you will have to deposit a high deposit, and the procedure will be very complicated. There are also a lot of people who subscribe without understanding the plan which the charge will become higher one year later because explanation of the mobile plan will be explained in English.
Meanwhile, for busy expatriates from just after arrival in the United States, mobile phones are indispensable as information retrieval tools beyond the call function. Therefore, we introduce the "Universal Mobile" trader who can prepare the mobile phone SIM card with the following features.


・You can receive a SIM card before traveling to the United States and have a phone number.

・In the United States, Canada, Mexico, you can use calls, texts and data unlimitedly.

・You can have the number of the United States and Japan at the same time. Families in Japan who do not understand how to make international calls can also make phone calls with confidence. (Option)

・You can call Japan as much as you want. (Option)

・It can be used as it is when returning to Japan. (Option)

・Rate plan, options can be changed every month.

・Deposit is unnecessary.

・Since you have Japanese customer support, you can use it with confidence.

Procedure to start using service

1. Please prepare yourself for SIM unlocked smartphone.

  *Please check from the Universal Mobile website for available mobile device.

​  *It is available for purchase at the Apple Store, etc.

  *Since smartphones that you already have the possibility to unlock by mobile phone company, please contact mobile phone company.

2. Please select the price plan and apply.

3. Your SIM card will arrive at your designated address. Insert it on your smartphone and activate it just before arrival in the United States.

4. You can use it as soon as you arrive in the United States.

Information and Service Support

For any questions about the service, please contact Universal Mobile (Japanese).