You can have your desired furniture loaded and assembled on the occupancy day

Rental Furniture Company

Many expatriates spend time and effort to assemble furniture and to dispose of their packaging for several days from the day of moving in. Also, if you buy a set of furniture you will run out of prepared dollars.
For that reason, considering convenience recently, furniture leasing is beginning to be used in homes that meet the following conditions. Therefore, we introduce furniture leasing company "CORT Furniture" which can consult in Japanese.

Condition that lease becomes more advantageous than purchase

・Period of stay of two years or less

・I want to change my furniture as my family went back to Japan earlier

・There is a possibility of moving to different area according to child's admission time

・I do not want to assemble or dispose of furniture


・They have experienced correspondence of many Japanese expatriates and international students.

・Extensive customization is possible, it is also possible to add or reduce options.

・If you want to see what kind of furniture in advance, there are showrooms all over the United States and you can actually see the furniture.

・Delivery within 48 hours is possible once the lease contract is concluded. So even after you decide on the residence you can take your time to select furniture, and we can deliver ordered items by moving date.

・Professional set up furniture. You can immediately start a comfortable life by just instructing the placement of furniture in your room.

・When you move out, you only need to tell the date of return on the phone so you do not have to struggle to disassemble the furniture.

Information and Service Support

For any questions about the service, please contact CORT Furniture.