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Various insurance arrangement support

Various insurance arrangement support that you can consult in Japanese when in trouble

In the United States it is the same as in Japan, to rent rental housing, to purchase and lease a car you are required to join personal general insurance. However, the major different point from Japan is that there is no limit on the amount of compensation for "personal liability insurance" and "Interpersonal compensation insurance" in automobile insurance.  This is because there are many expensive litigation matters in US. From that, there is umbrella insurance as a general insurance that many people subscribe. Insurance policy is somewhat complicated for Japanese people in this way, and it is difficult to communicate with insurance company under circumstances of car accidents. Therefore, our group's insurance agency Redac Advantage offer insurance with the following characteristics.


・Explain in Japanese.

Staff members who understand the difference in insurance circumstances between Japan and the US carefully explain the contents of the contract in Japanese.

・We will propose an optimal insurance plan for expatriate and their families.

Insurance is basically the same price regardless of which dealer you apply for if the same content. However, Redac Advantage has experienced over 30 years experience, understanding accident cases that Japanese expatriates are likely to cause. For this reason, the insurance plan introduced by our company proposes an insurance plan that takes into consideration the risks peculiar to the Japanese even if the rates differ from those of other companies.

・Driving history in Japan is also reflected in car insurance premium calculation.

If you were driving in Japan, we would like to make it usefully reflect the insurance fee calculation. In Redac Advantage, if you do not have a driving history or a car insurance retention history in the US, we will consider the driving history in Japan and the number of years to retain your car insurance in the premium calculation.

・In case of emergency accident, you can receive Japanese interpretation support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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