Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without reservation

Everyday Life Interpretation "Anshin Service"


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, JAN offers over the phone interpretation services when you need
mul􀆟lingual support regarding everyday life events. Highly qualified bi-lingual operators will help you not
only interpret the communica􀆟on, but also guide you to accomplish your needs and goals.

Examples of Everyday Life Situations


Have you ever encountered a situation that you wished you had someone's support by your side?
JAN is there for just these occasions.

・Obtaining Drivers Licenses

・Setting up Utilities

・Communication with Taxi/Limousine Drivers

・Making Medical Appointments

・Delivery Arrangements

・Applying for School/Extracurricular Activites

・Placing an Order at a Restaurant or Shop

・Placing an Order at a Restaurant or Shop

・Communicating while Travelling

・Emergency Interpretation at an Accident, Theft, etc.

How To Use These Services

1. Call Designated Number 

  From US or Canada +1-800-257-9198  (When using a Japanese mobile phone +1-818-755-4255)


2. Please tell the operator your name, company names and purpose of your call

      (Please include a phone number if a three way call.)

*Please get a card from your company HR.

3. Interpretation service starts!


※It can also be used for opening and canceling accounts of utilities such as cable television, electricity, gas and water supply. However, there is also a risk that starting up and cancellations can not be made in time at the date of request because there is a lot of personal information and ID identification required by the vendor.  It is different from normal interpreter service.  Therefore, if you would like to benefit from this support, fill in the following form at the 10th day before the desired date on which you wish to process and please contact JAN Suspension Serviceanshinservice@janla.info.

Click here for request form to open utility

Click here for request form to close utility account


For any questions about the service, please contact JAN Anshin Service.