​About Mobility Management Service

As a Expat from Japan, we often experience difference in value and culture through living in the United States and things don’t go the way we plan or desire and we face difficulties, such as dealing with a strong-minded owner and a unreliable repairer, having a lot of troubles due to maintenance failure, and language barrier, etc.

Mobility Management Service (MMS) will support the launch of a smooth life immediately after the arrival of the US. Also, we offer various contents with appropriate advice that help you go through procedures during your stay in the United States.

Please make effective use of MMS and have a safe and meaningful life in the United States from the beginning of living in the United States until returning to Japan.

​Enriched Content


​Housing Support

We, Redac are utilizing experience and knowledge gained through support of more than 30,000 households, we will provide support related to housing such as searching for houses, renewing and terminating agreement, and consultation of problems. 


​Insurance Arrangement Support

Our group company REDAC Advantage insurance plan that takes into consideration the risks peculiar to the Japanese through experience gained over 30 years and staff who understands the difference in insurance circumstances between Japan and the US carefully explain insurance policy in Japanese. 


Telephone interpretation in everyday life "Anshin service"​

When the life of the United States begins, there are cases where it is troubled by differences in terms and customs with Japan. In such a case, you can use the telephone interpretation service the Japanese Assistance Network (JAN) provided by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


Rental Furniture Company

After arriving in the United States, selecting, carrying in and setting up furniture is a tough one in a busy schedule. Also, considering the trouble of disposing furniture at the time of returning, it is more convenient to rent than to purchase. At Redac, we are introducing rental Furniture Company with Japanese consultation counter. 


Mobile Phones for Expatriates in Japanese Companies

For expatriates who have to start daily life immediately after arriving in the United States, mobile phones are necessities.  So, we are introducing cell phone companies that provide mobile phone SIM cards that can be used immediately after landing at the US airport.

In addition to the above, "Regional Orientation Material" containing various information on the place of assignment will be sent by e-mail directly to expatriates from the Redac Housing Support Desk.

Data Management

In Redac, we are managing the information of expatriates and their families, contract information, etc. in place of the Human Resource department of your company.  In addition, we manage this information to support housing, various lease management, and enhancement and efficiency of telephone interpreters in their daily life.
When registering and updating information, please send us the latest information on "MMS Registration Form" and send it to

For any questions about the service, please contact the Housing Support Desk.

Housing Support Desk

1-888-428-0770  Business Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Weekdays(Eastern Time)