Understands the circumstances specific to Japanese expatriates and company rules

Housing Support

(From finding your new home to moving out)

To the expatriate, in addition to language differences, it is in the residential environment as a big difference from Japan.  There are many troubles in the property in America not limited to old or new.
The position between the owner and the tenant is also different.  Furthermore, since any expatriate will return to their own country someday, it is necessary to pay the best attention to the contents of the agreement at the time of lease contract.  If you make inappropriate contracts you will pay a large amount of penalty unexpected at the time of leaving. Even if the property is located in the same town, the level of security and school system may change for each street.  Therefore, gathering information about the area is very important.


Therefore, we are taking advantage of the experiences and knowledge gained through support of more than 30,000 expatriate, we are offering support related to housing in America such as searching for housing, updating lease agreement, helping with Termination of rental agreement, and consulting about troubles. 

House finding Service

(From housing searching to moving-in support)

1. How to apply

The housing support desk will provide property information and making arrangements for visiting the property on site.  Please send us requests of the property from "MMS application form" below.
Considering your company regulations, desired conditions, etc., we will provide information of candidate property and arrangement of property visit. * Real estate agents that guide property on site may be only available in English.

2. Determination of property

After you visit the property and you like the property, you sign on lease agreement. Once lease agreement is issued, please forward it to the Housing Support Desk before signing it. We will confirm the contract content such as whether it follows to customer's company regulations or there is no provision which is disadvantageous to tenants.  After tenant understands the contents of the lease agreement and sign it with your own responsibility.

3. Preparation of Contract Fund

As necessary, there is a service that we temporarily pay the necessary funds (security deposit, monthly rent etc.) at the time of contract. Please be assured before opening a bank account in the United States. However, the application fee may be paid by your own credit card.

4. Support for starting up electricity, gas, cable TV, internet etc.

A local real estate agent or home support desk will help you.  Recently, personal identification and regulations concerning personal information are becoming strict, and there are cases where our supporting procedure can not be done.

In that case, you will be asked to apply directly at the store. The attendance at the site is not included. If you are worried about the language, please use the telephone interpreter "Anshin Service".

5. Inspection at time of moving in

In order to minimize troubles when moving out from the apartment, we recommend that you inspect the property at time of moving in. Click here for "Inspection Manual".

6. Submission of signing agreement

Please send copies to the housing support desk (expat@redacinc.com) when you receive your signed lease agreement. Housing support desk will keep the copes and create a contract summary to share it with the person in charge of your company.

Lease Contract support service

(From property registration to tenancy support)

If there are candidate properties already, such as "take over the residence of the predecessor" or "move to the apartment in the same property", we will support you from "2. Property decision" in "Housing placement service (from housing searching to tenancy support)".
In order to confirm whether the contract contents are able to avoid unexpected troubles, please contact the housing support desk (expat@redacinc.com) at the time of termination of the contract.

Lease Contract Management Service

(Support for housing after moving in)

1. We provide various information on housing

We are preparing "US Rental Housing Guide" on housing from Housing Support Desk. Information on housing in North America is stated. Click here for US Rental Housing Guide. 

2. Contract renewal support

When the rental agreement renewal time approaches, the Housing Support Desk will send you a reminder e-mail of the renewal time. Please inform us either renewing contract or leaving. Even if you receive a notification about renewal from the lender before receiving a reminder e-mail from us, please contact the Housing Support Desk. We will promote renewal support and advice on negotiations with the lender.

3. Consultation related to housing after moving in

If you have any troubles with the owner or any questions about your apartment, you can consult with the residential support desk.  We will give you advice on how to deal with it. 


* This service is to operate based on self-help efforts of customers who are tenants. Therefore, please understand that this troubleshooting consultation does not mediate the communication with lenders and dealers, and it is a position to give advice to the last. If you are worried about the language, please use the telephone interpreter "Anshin Service".  However, concerning troubles that you have not made any progress after your efforts are done, we may mediate according to the judgment of the housing support desk.

4. Termination of lease agreement, support for moving out

If you decide to move out of the house, please inform the housing support desk first. You need to create a termination notice letter by yourself and submit it to the lender before the due date. We also support the collection of security deposits.
In case of trouble with landlord, please contact the housing support desk.
Click here for "Moving out Manual" which is described procedures and important notes about collecting deposits.

For any questions about the service, please contact the Housing Support Desk.

Housing Support Desk

1-888-428-0770  Business Hours:Weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pm(Eastern Time)